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Predict a ball is a new board game that is played while viewing or listening to a live baseball game on TV or radio. There is no other game like it. All other baseball board games use some type of trivia, dice, spinners, or cards to win your game. While most games ask you what happened on the baseball field. This game makes you predict what will happen on the baseball field! Player's rotate batters predicting the outcome of each pitch as well the batter performance.

The game board itself has various options for what might happen to each pitch in the baseball game. Each turn allows a player to make one prediction for each pitch and two predictions for the batter outcome. Each option has a number of spaces to be moved based on the probability of that event occurring. If you make the correct prediction you move the spaces earned.

The first player to move their pawn around the board wins the game. A combination of both luck and strategy is needed to win the game. It is the best board game any baseball fan will play. Note: A winner is usually determined after three innings of the game, but could be over after just one batter depending on the predictions.

  Up to 4 players or teams. Ages 12 and up. 


Getting Started
  1. Choose the player order and your base runners.
  2. Each player puts their base runners in the dugouts.
  3. The first player up places the pitch chip on one of the four different pitch outcomes.  Then place  the 1x and 2x chips in any one or two of the batter outcome areas.

Before the pitch is delivered
Only one player makes predictions for each batter.
Player predicts each pitch by using the "pitch chip" in the pitch zone.
Player predicts each batter outcome by using the 1x and 2x chips in the batter outcome areas.

After each pitch is delivered
All chips can be moved to different areas.
If any of the predictions are correct, the player moves their base runner the appropriate spaces.
If predictions are incorrect the base runner stays.
Intentional walks are void. Once the batter in "live" game receives intentional pass, the player "up" stops moving and awaits the next batter.  Any point earned before the intentional pass are kept.

After a batter is out
Once the batter in the "live" game is retired, so is the player's turn.  Players rotate with every batter regardless of how many pitches are thrown.  Note: The next player must move the chips before the first pitch is thrown, or the previous player's predictions apply.

Finishing the game
The first base runner to circle the board once and cross the finish line WINS; however, all players must have an equal amount of turns.


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